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Salem State university bbq challenge

Flaming Barbecue Meat
Charcoal Barbecue Grill

Your pictures and sharing coming soon!

Your challenge is to create, enjoy, photograph, and share.  Pics posted here by permission.

What you received:

*  Chipotle Honey Rub - a blend of granulated honey, paprika, italian herbs, and a touch of chipotle powder.  Magnificent on chicken, pork chops, or roasted veggies.

*  Za-Atar - a traditional Meditteranean blend used as a condiment, it goes on top of toasted bread, vegetables, or tossed into salads.  Surprise ingredient is SUMAC.

*  Flippin' the Bird - a full-bodied, SALT-FREE spice blend that celebrates poultry without intense heat.  A touch of sweet, some marjoram, lemon-zest, and smooth spice notes with a hint of pepper.

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