Salem State university bbq challenge

Your pictures and sharing coming soon!

Your challenge is to create, enjoy, photograph, and share.  Pics posted here by permission.

What you received:

*  Chipotle Honey Rub - a blend of granulated honey, paprika, italian herbs, and a touch of chipotle powder.  Magnificent on chicken, pork chops, or roasted veggies.

*  Za-Atar - a traditional Meditteranean blend used as a condiment, it goes on top of toasted bread, vegetables, or tossed into salads.  Surprise ingredient is SUMAC.

*  Flippin' the Bird - a full-bodied, SALT-FREE spice blend that celebrates poultry without intense heat.  A touch of sweet, some marjoram, lemon-zest, and smooth spice notes with a hint of pepper.