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It's getting to be BBQ time

Traditionally, Barbeque, or BBQ, meant smoking meats until they were done. Grilling, is the actual technical term for what most of us do in the backyard.

Using a griddle on a grill

When we grill, there is a range of flavors that are imparted into the food. The natural smoke flavors, the maillard reaction, which is the reaction when foods brown as the amino acids and sugars combine to create new and fantastic flavors.

Then there are the spices and other flavors added. Each new spice will add new facets to your food. Every palate is different, and some people will appreciate more sweet, some more savory, and some will eschew certain flavors altogether.

No matter what flavors you add to your food, it is important that you cook it properly. Here is a brief chart on the cooking temperatures for various meats.

Safe cooking temperature guide.

So be safe when you cook. Serve food that tastes good and is safe.

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