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Spice Bomb for Health

Spice Bomb for Health

Need a health boost? Try our new Salem Spice Spice Bomb. Containing the freshest spices, our spice bombs add a health boost to your diet. Made of Ceylon Cinnamon, Turmeric, Ginger, Black Pepper, and Cardamom; these spices help balance blood sugar, provide anti-inflammatory protection, relieve stomach issues, and help fight free radicals.
2 ounces for $10.
We recommend adding 1 teaspoon of our Healthy Spice Bomb to 2 ounces of cold water. Stir well to mix the water and the dry ingredients, then drink as a Health Bomb.
Other ways to enjoy our Healthy Spice Bomb:
🥤Add a teaspoon to your smoothie
🧡Spice up your Oatmeal or yogurt
Use in your favorite cookie or cake recipe
Enhance the flavors of your favorite meal
Flavor your latte, tea or coffee. Stir well! 
We can't wait to see how you use it!
Our Spice Bomb starts with a Cinnamon burst of flavor which gives way to a ginger bite with a hint of cardamom. Use one teaspoon per day to get the full effects of this anti-inflammatory calming blend which has just what your body needs for good health. 
You don't need a lot of these spices to make a difference; the key is using good spices regularly and frequently. 


Recommended measure:  1tsp per serving  Approx net value:
1tsp ~= 2g
.5g Ginger powder, 1g Ceylon Cinnamon, .25g Turmeric powder, .125g Fine Grind Black Pepper, .125g Cardamom Powder
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