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Flippin' the Bird

Flippin' the Bird


Flippin' The Bird chicken rub is a palate pleasing blend that was tested and tweaked for a while before we found the magical combination of spicy flavor but without the heat. And it's a perfect salt free seasoning as well - the best of both worlds! This chicken seasoning blend has an almost magical touch that only dried herbs can give to chicken and here we used marjoram and rubbed sage. Marjoram is one of the few herbs that may actually be better dried than fresh and rubbed sage is our favorite sage to work with. Now this blend can be used for roasting your chicken but I tend to do the majority of my chicken rub testing on the grill and as any competitive Barbecuer will tell you - you need to balance the spices with something sweet - so for this blend I used some granulated honey. I like granulated honey more than sugar with many of our blends as the taste is sweet but not overpowering while still giving the caramelizing effect that you want when grilling. Caramelizing helps keep the juices in. I've also been a big fan of Smoked Paprika as it gives a rich flavor and aroma while the color is a brilliant deep red. For a little twang I used some dried lemon zest. Our Flippin' The Bird seasoning is hand blended from marjoram, rubbed sage, smoked paprika, chili de ancho mulato chili powder, lemon peel, onion powder, black pepper, granulated honey and celery seed.


2oz Net Weight in durable, resealable, and light-protecting pouch

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