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Chili Powder, Sweet

Chili Powder, Sweet


A wonderful addition to our chili powder collection, Sweet Chili Powder is a different from most other chili powders as it possesses a light touch of sweetness. It also carries a very subtle heat form the use of freshly ground New Mexico and Ancho Chiles which are both on the mild side of the heat scale coming in at 3 and 4 (on a heat scale of 10) respectively. 

Now just because these are mild doesn't mean that this chili is lacking in flavor! And best of all this is another of our Salt Free Chili Powders. Our Sweet Chili Powder is perfect for the chili lover who wants something a bit off the beaten path. 

Hand blended from freshly ground Ancho and New Mexico Chiles, coriander, cumin, Spanish paprika, oregano, garlic powder, sugar and cinnamon.


2oz Net Weight in durable, resealable, and light-protecting pouch

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