Chili Powder, HOT


 This Hot Chili Powder version has a complex chile flavor that is chock full of peppery intensity. Ideal to use on Tex-Mex style wings and as an added bonus this spicy chili powder blend is salt free. You can also substitute this spicy chili powder in any dish that calls for chili powder when you want an extra kick. The ingredients are the same as our milder Hill Country Chili Powder blend but we substitute the tamer New Mexico Chile Powder (800 -1,400 on the scoville heat scale) with a much more intense hot cayenne (that registers a 80,000 -90,000 on the heat scale). Hand blended from ancho chiles, cayenne pepper, cumin, granulated onion, granulated garlic, Mexican oregano, chipotle chiles and allspice.


1/2 cup jar - Net wt. 2oz