Celery Seed

A relative new comer to the spice world, celery seeds are in fact the smallest of all the seasoning seeds, but you shouldn't underestimate their power. With the seeds being so small it takes 46,000 of them to yield an ounce, but it only takes two of these tiny, greenish brown, aromatic seeds to bring on a mouthful of celery stalk flavor! Closely resembling anise and fennel, celery seed has a hay-like, grassy, slightly bitter taste and aroma. Grown in India, China, France, and Egypt, the Indian seeds are stronger and larger than the Chinese celery seeds; while the French seed is a bit darker. Our celery seed is cultivated in India. Use the distinctive, pungent flavor of ground celery seeds in your stuffing's, sauces, soups, gravies, stews, tomato juice, and in vegetable, egg, and meat dishes. Using the whole seed adds a wonderful texture as well as taste to breads, Cole slaw, carrot salad, pickles and sauerkraut. You can also substitute it in many dishes that call for fresh celery.
Sold in recyclable glass jars.  1/2 cup about 2 oz