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Cardamom seed, decorticated

Cardamom seed, decorticated


A member of the ginger (Zinziberaceae) family the spice cardamom suffers from a bit of an identity crisis as it is sometimes misspelled cardamon or cardamum and it is often confused with Grains of Paradise. For those that ask what is cardamom the best explanation is that cardamom intensifies both sweet and savory flavors. Cardamom's taste is lemony and light while it's aroma is rugged, but gentle, biting and fruity. In India Cardamom is referred to as the queen of spices (pepper is considered the king). During the harvesting process the timing is critical to ensure not only optimum quality but maximum yield as well. When it is fully ripened the pod splits open thus allows the seeds to be blown away, fall to the ground and get exposed to the air - so the pods are picked while still in the slightly immature green state and just as the seeds begin to turn dark.


Decorticated seeds are black seeds without the pods.



Sold in recloseable plastic bags.  about 1/2 cup  2 oz


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