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Caraway Seed

Caraway Seed


The pungent sharp aroma of caraway seed is reminiscent of dill, and its biting, warm, sweet flavor is a bit like a blend of anise and dill. Native to Asia and central and northern Europe it is now also grown in Canada, Morocco and in this country. Found in many kitchens around the world. Street vendors in Italy sell hot chestnuts that have been boiled in caraway seeds, while the Germans have a well known kummel liqueur that includes anise, cumin and caraway. In addition some traditional cuisines of Austria, England, and the Netherlands have long included it in some of their favorite dishes. Caraway Seeds are quite popular in rye and other breads, apple dishes (like applesauce and apple pie), biscuits, cookies, cheese, crackers, goulash, herb butters, noodle dishes, pickles, sauerkraut and spiced seed cake. Works well in combination with coriander, garlic and parsley.


Sold in a resealable plastic bag.  About 1/2 cup  2 oz

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