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Eating healthy? Go ahead and keep it spicy!

Everyone needs to eat healthy, nutritious food. Every day.

It's a real challenge to be able to create meals in this hectic and electric life we lead. Meals sometimes must be quick to prepare but must still be satisfying and nutritious. A good balanced meal pulls from the nutrition pyramid.

Too often, we select from the top and ignore the bottom, more important pieces that keep us healthy.

Remember though - that it is so easy to spice up that rice and those grains! A healthy bowl of rice can take you anywhere in the world with a different set of spices. And spices have almost zero negative impact on your nutrition chart. One should be careful of the additives though! Watch out for added sugar, salts, and those pesky preservatives.

Salem Spice blends are a great way to include flavor with a minimum of concern. We never add preservatives or anti-caking powders into our blends, and our natural spices are just that - natural and pure.

So reach for the spice! Add flavors liberally and switch them up. Keeping the same flavors day in and day out will dull your palate. Using different flavors will keep your food interesting and your efforts will be greatly appreciated by all who savor your work!

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