Tandoori Seasoning

Tandoori Seasoning


In the U.S., Tandoori chicken is probably the most common dish we think of as the classic Indian dish. The unique seasoning blend used is commonly referred to as Tandoori Masala, Tandoori Spice or Tandoori Rub. A masala is a mixture of spices.

The primary characteristic of a Tandoori dish is the smoky flavor that comes from cooking in a clay oven or Tandoor. This style of cooking is found in the Indian, Pakistan and Afghan regions. As with most masalas and curries of this area the recipes vary from village to village and even family to family.

Our Tandoori is a classic masala that is hand blended from paprika, cumin, coriander, sea salt, cinnamon, black pepper, sugar, ginger, superior saffron and cayenne pepper. 

Tandoori chicken is covered with plain yogurt and the masala blend and the end result is heavenly. Tandoori spice can also be used to make Tandoori fish.


1/2 cup jar - Net wt. 2oz