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Salt, Natural; Sel Gris

Salt, Natural; Sel Gris


Sel gris (pl. sels gris, "gray salt" in French) is a coarse granular sea salt popularized by the French. Sel gris comes from the same solar evaporation salt pans as fleur de sel but is harvested differently; it is allowed to come into contact with the bottom of the salt pan before being raked, hence its gray color. Sel gris is coarser than fleur de sel but is also a moist salt, typically containing 13 percent residual moisture.

Because of its mineral complexity and coarse grain size, sel gris can be used both as a cooking salt and a finishing salt. Being much denser than table and kosher salt, there is a lot more salt in an equivalent volume of sel gris.

Because it is a moist salt, it does not suck all the moisture out of food when used as a finishing salt, unlike kosher salt (which is designed to absorb blood and other fluids from meat). Selmeliers tend to pair sels gris with heartier foods like steak and root vegetables due to their mineral complexity.


4oz Net Weight in durable, resealable, and light-protecting pouch

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