Habanero Mango Rub


I get bored with cayenne pepper really easily as it is just hot and it really doesn't have much flavor. So when I am going for some flavorful heat I go for the trusty Habanero. Yes it is more expensive but the resulting flavor is well worth it. For this blend I also wanted to have a bit of Caribbean style to it and I was dying to experiment with some dried mango ' which when dried is called Amchur. The dried mango gives a bit of tartness to the flavor profile which I just loved. I also used my go to chile - Ancho as a base and the mild fruity flavor of this chile paired well with the dried mango. The subtle earthiness of the ancho also balances well with the heat and fruitiness of the habanero. Hand blended from ancho, habanero, amchur, onion, tomato powder, cilantro, spearmint, garlic, cumin, coriander and cloves. I like to seasoning my chicken liberally so I tend to go about 1 tablespoon of rub (or sometime more) per pound of chicken. You should start off with much less (say 1 teaspoon of rub per pound) and work your way up from there. It is always recommended that you start off with a bit less as you would rather be a bit under seasoned the first time you try a blend than over seasoned.