Cocoa Chili Rub


Some things are just meant to be paired together and this unique dry rub is a delicious and delicate balance of sweet and savory flavors. Cocoa and chile peppers where first paired by the ancient Mayans and Aztecs more than 500 years ago as they believed that cocoa was a gift from the gods. Cocoa and chiles was also a popular taste combination of ancient Mesoamerica. The Mayas and Aztecs were the first to harvest the cacao tree and they used the first cacao in beverages. Served lukewarm they often flavored this drink with chiles. Today this combination is popular in chili, bbq rubs, south of the border stews and moles and of course with ice cream. This complex flavor combination gives some fiery heat from the chile and some bitter depth from the cocoa. With growing popularity of Mexican and Latin American cuisine this is a perfect blend that can be further enhanced with a variety of Mexican chiles. The two most popular are probably the Chipotle and the Ancho. We experimented with both when looking to perfect this blend specifically with skirt steak in mind. While we liked the smokiness and the heat of the chipotle we finally settled on the fruity, sweet and rich flavor of the Ancho. This dry spice rub will prove to be quite popular at your next cookout. As with any introduction of a dramatically different seasoning blend we recommend that you start with a little less instead of a little more until you find just the right amount of flavor. Hand blended from cocoa powder, brown sugar, ancho powder, sea salt and black pepper.


1/2 cup jar - Net wt. 2oz