Chile - Habanero


The habanero chile (Capsicum chinense) is about the most intensely hot, spicy pepper that you will come across. There is some debate as to where it is originally from - some believe that it is native to the Amazon region of South America and others believe that is was originally brought to the Yucatan Peninsula from Cuba. These folks believe that it is actually named after the Cuban city La Habana (which we in the US know as Havana). As the leading producer each year Yucatan harvests more than 1,500 lbs. of habaneros but these peppers are also harvested in Costa Rica, Ecuador, California and Texas. Our Habaneros are grown in Ecuador. Habaneros ripen into one of a variety of colors including red, orange, pink, white or chocolate. The typical size is 1" -2 ½" and 1"-2" in diameter. Habaneros are some of the hottest chile peppers and rate around 200,000 - 300,000 Scoville Units (or somewhere around 10 on a heat scale of 10!). While these have that burn your face off heat they also have a bit of a fruity taste to them. Ideal in homemade salsas, wings and barbeque sauce.

  • Packaging note

    Chiles are packed in resealable plastic bags rather than jars.