Chile - Chipotle


Pronounced chi-POHT-lay Chipotle peppers are indigenous to Mexico and they've become almost synonymous in this country with our fairly recent infatuation with “chiles”. Chile peppers are most often recognized for their spicy hotness, but when used in correct amounts, they can also be a bit mild while adding layers of subtle flavor to dishes. Chipotle chiles are actually completely ripened jalapenos that are then smoke dried. For each pound of dried Chipotles it started out as 10 pounds of fresh jalapeno peppers. The end result is a dark brown to black colored, wrinkled pepper that has a smoky, somewhat sweet chocolaty aroma and flavor. And these whole Chipotle chile peppers are considered a medium heat chile and come it at 5,000 - 10,000 SHU (Scoville Heat Units). For a more subtle heat you can remove the seeds and stems prior to using. Originally Chipotle chiles were most commonly used to flavor salsas, stews and soups but now this popular flavor has found its way into everything from fried chicken to chips. Your recipe may call for the chipotle chiles to be lightly toasted (or roasted) and this really brings out the flavor in them. We have also had some recipes calling for them to be lightly fried in oil or even burnt black. You can rehydrate them by soaking in hot water for about 20 minutes. Chipotle chiles are excellent with beef, chicken and pork chops and one of our favorite recipes is Sweet Potato Shepherds Pie. There are approximately 9 chiles per ounce. This particular Chipotle is considered a Chipotle Morita Chile. We also carry a Chipotle Meco Chile which is smoked for a longer time the Morita and is general considered to be of a slightly higher quality chile by serious chileheads.

  • Packaging note

    Chiles are packed in resealable plastic bags rather than jars.